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PRESS Forward is a God influenced MMA gym that encompasses the mindset of pressing forward in every situation in life. PRESS is an acronym Charles "MR." Cheeks III came up with during the infancy of his MMA career. His ex-coach and close friend Terry Parkman (also a youth pastor) helped him develop as a fighter, instructor, man, and Christian. It was during this time that PRESS Forward was born and implemented into Mr. Cheeks's MMA career, as well as his everyday life.


Here at PRESS Forward we Train to Reign. We train hard, so the fight will be easy (or easier) and always trying to make our Last Round our Best Round. Whether you compete or casually train its time to Press Forward and Train to Reign, so LETS GOOO!!!




     The mission of PRESS Forward MMA & Fitness is to help all of our members and students grow both physically and mentally through the progression in martial arts as well as fitness training. We want all of our members and students to realize that PRESS Forward is not just the name of the gym but a lifestyle.

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