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"Mr. Cheeks" Highlight #2

New Highlight video created and edited by my good friend Aaron"The Hurricane" Reeves 

Fighters Workout

 Entrepreneur and blogger, Pamela Lott, joins "Mr. Cheeks" and other fighters for her very first MMA workout.

"Mantathlon" Combat Athlete Upper Body TEST

This a test Coach Dom uses for our combat athletes 6-8 weeks away from competition to see where their strength is accourding to their weight. As the weeks go by the strength and conditioning program will be tapered towards the athletes ability and needs. This test will be performed again a week before competition and compared to how they performed the first time. 

"Domination Deadlifts" Combat Athlete Lower Body TEST

"Mr. Cheeks" Highlight

Highlights of Head Instructor, Charles Cheeks, back in North Dakota where it all began for his career. 

"Mr. Cheeks" Interview

"Mr. Cheeks" speaks on his career, life, and upcoming fight.

"Mr. Cheeks" Interview Pt. 1

"Mr. Cheeks" speaks on his career, style of fighitng, workout regimen, diet, and much more with blogger Pamela Lott.

"Mr. Cheeks" Interview Pt. 2

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